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December 1861  -  July 1862

Federals in the Shenandoah Valley

   Already celebrated for his prowess at Bull Run, Stonewall Jackson took Command of the Confederate force guarding the Shenandoah Valley on November of 1861.  During the next six months, December 1861 to June 1862, in a string of battles, he saved the grain-rich Shenandoah for the Confederates.

Stonewall Jackson on Little Sorrel
WBritain 17676

   Names/Places like Kernstown, McDowell, Front Royal, Winchester, and Cross Keys & Port Republic.

Union Flags Confederate
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   KERNSTOWN  -  On the afternoon of March 23, finding Union troops deployed on a ridge near Kernwood Jackson ordered his Confederate troops to attack.  In a fierce two-hour fight, the Federals beat back the Confederates.  The battle was a minor defeat for Jackson, but it warned the Federals that they were facing a dangerously belligerent foe.

Union Infantry in Frock Coats Firing Line Set # 1
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   McDOWELL  -  On May 8, Jackson found a Union Force near the Hamlet of McDowell.  Jackson took a position atop steepsided Sitlington's Hill.  The Federals repeatedly stormed the hill but were savagely beaten back.  As night fell the Federals retreated back across Bull Pasture River.

   FRONT ROYAL  -  On May 23 Jackson attacked the Federals at Front Royal.  The Rebel troops quickly drove the Federals from Front Royal.

   Front Royal taken, Jackson hurried his troops along the roads to the north and west in an effort to cut off and annihilate the Federals.  He managed to catch and destroy the tail of the Federal army at Middletown.  Jackson ordered a fast pursuit up the turnpike.  By dawn on May 25, they were a few miles from Winchester.

5th Virginia Infantry Charging Set #2
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   WINCHESTER  -  On May 25 Jackson attacked the Federal positions south of Winchester.  After a number of attacks the Union line broke.  The Union troops raced rearward through the streets of Winchester.  The Federals continued to retreat until they had covered the 35 miles to the Potomac and crossed into Marylamd.

Union Infantry in Frock Coats Firing Line Set #2
WBritain 17806

   CROSS KEYS & PORT REPUBLIC  -  In order to prevent the Confederates from moving northward across the Potomac and trap Jackson in a pincers movement.  President  Lincoln ordered General Fremont to march out of the Alleghenies and get to Jackson's rear while General McDowell was to move part of his army south from Washington to Front Royal.  By June 6, 1862, Jackson had reached Port Republic.  Jackson was able to stymie the Federals plan.  The Federals retreated to Mount Jackson, leaving behind 1,018 casualties.
   Jackson whose army suffered 615 casualties, remained in the Valley only until June 17, when General Lee called him to Richmond for a new assignment.

Stonewall Brigade - 5th Virginia
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