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Found on the Case Farm in the early 1950s


   This relic along with other relics was found on the Case Family Farm in the early 1950s.   A number of man made relics were also found in the same general area on the farm ( stone axe, spear head, and skinning stones ).

   In the early 1950s Spencer A. Case and Donald S. Case (14 years old at the time) were in the process of clearing 10 acres in the northwest corner of the farm when they found this relic.  It is the only black rock known to be found on the farm.  There are only two ways it could get there (by Glaciers or by Man). Glacier action could have put it there, however glacier action tends to round off objects. Therefor it must have been put there by man. 

   Why would early man bring it so far south? 

   Did early man bring it with him from further north, because it had some meaning to it?

   Why is this the only black rock ever found on the farm?

   Does the black color indicate it has high "Basalt" Content?

   Is it an "Igneous Rock"?

   Is it a piece of the original earth mantle?