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CASE FARM - 1950s & 1960s

In the 1950s our father usually milked about 10 cows every morning and night.  Spencer Case and Donald farmed 220 acres, the money crop was navy beans.

  The original farm house burnt to the ground in April 1943. The house in this picture was built in the summer of 1943, Donald Case was 4 years old and can remember using dirt scoops pulled by horses to dig the basement.

   The 100 ft by 40 ft Machine Shed was built in 1951.



We had a Bidwell Beaner.  The picture shows Spencer Case on the tractor, Donald Case on the Beaner, and Uncle Lown Case on the wagon loading bean straw.


Spencer Case thrashing navy beans with his Bidwell Beaner.  At that time only about 10 percent of the farmers had their own threshing machines.  Those that had their own would do some custom harvesting.


In 1951 our father was in the 8th grade at Kinde Schools.  The last week of December 1950 and thru the first two weeks of January 1951, when he could, he was next to the radio listening to the "Saga of The Flying Enterprise".  He even told us how excited he was when he found a photo of the ship in the Port Huron, Michigan Tribune.  We hope to fine a model of the ship to add to our museum.