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DECEMBER 13, 1862

After McClellan's success at Antietam, Lincoln visited him on October 1, 1862.

   On October 6, 1862 Lincoln ordered McClellan to cross the Potomac and drive south.  On October 26, 1862 McClellan crosses into Virginia.  His plan is to take Warrenton.

   On November 7, 1862 General McClellan is ordered to turn his Command over to Major General Burnside and for him to report at Trenten, New Jersey.   Major General discards the Warrenton plan and prepares to cross the Rappahannock and make a suprise attack on Fredericksburg.

72nd Penn Zouaves were at Fredericksburg
WBritain 17241

   On November 17, 1862 Burnside is at the Rappahannock.  He desides to "wait for the Pontoons".  When the Pontoon Bridges arrive, Burnside served notice that he would Bombard Fredericksburg, and ordered am immediate evacuation of the civiklian population.  The laying of the bridge was completed and it was fitted for passage.

   On December 11, 1862 the crossing of Burnside's army was in full swing.

   On December 12, 1862 the army continues to cross the Rappahannock,  General Summers on the right,  General Franklin on the left.  The Confederate's right wing was commanded by Stonewall Jackson.

   On December 13, 1862 the charge of the Union's Irish Brigade Fails.